What is UEI?

The Alliance’s primary aim is to promote the adoption and interoperability of the Beckn Protocol within the energy field, thereby scaling the Unified Energy Interface (UEI) network. Operating as a think tank, the Alliance focuses on enhancing digital economic transactions between energy platforms, particularly in resource discovery and fulfillment.

Unified Energy Interface or UEI unifies digital efforts in energy transactions. Built on the open-source Beckn Protocol, which powers networks like Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), Namma Yatri, Unified Health Interface (UHI), and Open Network for Education & Skilling Transformations (ONEST). It links platforms dealing in energy and its derivatives such as E V charging, battery swapping, renewable energy, and more.

UEI creates a unified ecosystem, connecting providers and consumers of energy-related services, fostering innovation, and promoting efficient and sustainable energy use.

Our Mission

The UEI Alliance is committed to global development, adoption, and compliance with the Beckn Protocol for energy-related economic transactions between digital platforms.

Short-term Objectives


Support the technical integration of digital platforms with the UEI network by providing expertise.


Engage with energy stakeholders, to enhance outreach efforts and promote network adoption.


Conduct pilot programs to demonstrate UEI network's capabilities and potential for innovation.

Long-term Objectives


Unify efforts, reduce coordination complexities, and scale the Unified Energy Interface (UEI) network.


Ensure the Beckn Protocol remains relevant and adaptable, guiding its technical evolution and governance.


Expand the UEI network to encompass more energy-related services, increasing its reach across industries.


Drive global interoperability by aligning the protocol with international standards, as a common underlying fabric.

Why Do We Need an Alliance?

The benefits of the Beckn Protocol, like expanded markets and inclusive open networks, become tangible only with substantial adoption and scale. For an initiative of this magnitude, the costs of coordination can become prohibitively high when pursued individually. Similar to the cell tower analogy, where shared infrastructure is more cost-effective and efficient than isolated efforts, the UEI Alliance unifies efforts to promote interoperability, reducing duplicated efforts and coordination complexities.

What we are about

  • Promotion of open standards.
  • Server-side interoperability.
  • Protocol advocacy.
  • Incubation of ideas.
  • Open membership.

What we are not

  • Hardware specifications.
  • National infrastructure development.
  • Being an industry association/energy expert group.
  • Being an implementation arm for any network.

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